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"I've Seen So Many Online Businesses Stall And Ultimately Fail Because They Didn't Follow Simple Basic Rules"

That headline is designed to grab your attention, if you are reading this it worked which is good because I needed to get your attention!


Because I see so many marketers condemning their online businesses to mediocrity or a slow death by forgetting that their subscribers are real people!

Marketing is basically simple, Find an Offer, Find an Audience, Delivery The Offer To The Audience.

You don't need, Tripwires, Up-sells, Down-sells, Free + Shipping Offers, Fake Scarcity or any of that Guru BS.  (simple doesn't sell!)

You just need to engage with your audience.

I have created 5 "Rules of Engagement" that will help you educate, entertain and most importantly engage with your audience.

The Five Rules Of Engagement

Right listen up!

Marketing is changing. Your audience are sick and tired of churn and burn marketing.

Everyday they see hundreds of ads that try to sell them things without giving anything in return, they are tired and jaded. No wonder the use of ad-blockers increased by over 30% last year.

When they come across a marketer (YOU) who obviously has their best interests at heart they stick with them.

In this quick guide I want to look at what you can do starting today to engage with your audience and deliver them value.

Each time you connect with your audience your content (tweets, blog posts, Facebook posts, emails etc) should have some of the following factors incorporated.

1. Simplicity

2. Unexpectedness

3. Credibility

4. Emotions

5. Stories

Keep everything simple, no one appreciates anything that is too complicated or requires multiple actions. Use content that your audience wouldn’t normally expect to receive, aim to wow them. Use proof to build your credibility. Try to make your content stir emotions and relay training through stories.

If you use these principles it’s possibly build a loyal following so long as you stick to the rules.

Follow the rules below and you will build a highly engaged audience who are happy to read your content and buy from you.

Rule #1 - Your Content Needs To Entertain

If you aren’t going to write entertaining content then you should look for another way to make money online as you’ll lose your potential customers quicker than you can say "look at my ego, hear it roar"

It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your content is it needs to entertain or at the bare minimum deliver something that is valuable to the person reading it...preferably both.

Your subscribers won’t open an email or read a blog post or a Facebook post just to see your offer but they will want to read what you have to say if they know it will be entertaining and informative.

(I know several marketers who really believe that their subscribers want to see offers every day... They are the ones with a 2% open rate!)

INFOTAINMENT... Is the name of the game.

We want to play the long game, sure you could make a $27 sale today and tomorrow from a new subscriber or reader but the chances are that will be all you’ll make.

With an engaged audience you will be making sales from your subscribers 2 and 3 years down the road. They'll be buying your entry level products and subscribing to your premium products.

The 2 sales that you may have missed out on upfront will be replaced by 10 or 15 sales over the coming years.

Rule #2- Never Create Content Without a Call To Action.

Any content without a call to action is pointless and achieves nothing, it’s like going to a restaurant and not eating or having a BBQ with no meat.

It doesn’t matter if the call to action is a link is to an article, a blog post, a request to follow a page, join a Facebook group or even an offer. Having links and calls to actions in every piece of gets your audience used to seeing them and clicking on them.

It doesn’t need to be front and center, unless you are doing a promotion. Placing it as a P.S is ok.

The call to action should always be secondary to the content.

Don’t be afraid of adding promotions once your audience is engaged - you are a marketer!

But please ensure that the offer is a good fit.

Rule #3- A.B.C - Always Be Creating

Most Guru’s and so called "marketing experts" will tell you to create content once a week... Rubbish!

You should be communicating with your audience 2-3 times a week at the minimum. If you can create content daily then do it.

If you are following Rule #1 then your audience will be waiting for your content.

Content can take many forms, it can be an email, a video, a Facebook live session, a podcast, a blog post a tweet etc. The more content you create to more you stay "Front of Mind"

I’ve tested this extensively and it is effective.

Emailing once a week my open rate stays around 20% once I switch to 3 or 4 emails a week my open rate increases.

Do it right and unsubscribes DON’T increase.

In fact it seems emailing too few times is worse than emailing too much this applies to all types of content.

Let's put it this way who do people look to as an expert, the guy whose content you see occasionally or the guy whose quality content you see almost every day?

The more good quality content you put out the more of a leader you become in your niche.

The more of a leader you become the more subscribers you get.

The more subscribers and followers you get the higher your potential income.

Rule #4- Give The Why’s - Sell The How’s

***IMPORTANT -- So Many Marketers Get This Wrong***

Give your audience lots of information about why they need your products or the products you are promoting.

Try to avoid giving everything away in your emails or blog posts, you need to hold some information back to provide value to your buyers.

It's a fact of marketing that free information isn't as valued as much content people pay for. If you believe you products have value don't be afraid to charge for them.

This is the reason why I would never suggest that you do a $7 tripwire or a free + shipping offer it immediately sets the buyers expectations to LOW

Selling isn't difficult once you've provided context to your offer.

As an example you could talk about why high intensity exercise burns fat quickly and how you only need to work out for 14 minutes a day in one piece of content.

Then the next day promote a 14 minute fitness plan that focuses on the actual high intensity exercises that work best.

Boom! Sales

One way or another you should always presell any new offer. Cold traffic doesn’t convert, tell your audience or show your audience what the product you'll be promoting does.

Show them why they need it, if you’ve bought it yourself show them the receipt so they know you aren’t just promoting it for the commission as you got a free copy.

People really don't mind buying if they feel confident that what they are buying is going to help them.

I constantly find the most effective pieces of content is the sales based content that comes after you’ve told a story over the preceding days and then just included a simple call to action with a link.

Nothing in your face or that "Go Go Go it's live" bs.

Something like the p.s. below your signature can be a powerful sales tool, often more powerful than a full on sales letter if you've done your previous content correctly.

“P.S. We told our friends about this method and it also worked for them. Soon hardly a day went by without a phone call... So we wrote a guide book.. How to get your Child a Scholarship to any College . I’ll tell you about an amazing success we had with it tomorrow until then you can read more at ”

We then do a full promotion in the next email focusing on why’s and then offering the hows... But still keeping it entertaining.

Rule #5- Mix it up

Don’t create the same style content every day, variety is the spice of life. I have a list of 5 types of content that I can use mix and match to create unique content. This helps to keep your audience interested!

One day send a Q&A the next a story, then follow that up with a check list.

Emailing or posting on a Monday? Then inspire them and get them motivated for the week ahead.

By planning all your content ahead of time you can come up with a plan for about 2 weeks of content that can be scheduled in advance.

Once you get a plan for your content and start to see what gets engagement and interaction then writing them becomes easy.