Welcome To Big Income Small Lists

Let's Get Started

It's great to have you here and I'm honoured that you've chosen to come on this journey with myself and the other members.

Be in no doubt that our #1 aim here is to help you to succeed and grow your business, so if at any time if you have any question please reach out.

Your Access

There is an email on it's way to you it contains a link to our slack group and a link to the course area. It will look like the image below without the TEST:

Please head over to both sites now and set your accounts up. (we are working a new integration to do most of the work for you)

Once there please take time introduce yourself and have a look around.

Next we'll get you set up with your first one-to-one call watch out for an email tomorrow with a link to the Calendar.

The first call is a get you know you call so that I can ensure you get the right guidance and advice,  where possible I aim to help you to recover the course costs within a few weeks.

See you on the inside