A Simple Automation That Gets Sales

This is a simple Automation that will allow you to trigger offers to people who are actively interested in topics where you may have an offer.

For example: If you have a course on "Dog Training Your Puppy" (or are an affiliate for a product) you would send an email with a link to a Video showing "How To Train Your Puppy To High Five"

The only people (sane ones!) who would click that link would be people with a puppy who want to train it.

IMMEDIATELY after clicking the link to the Video your automation would send another email with an offer.

Think for a moment.. Where are they when they got that first email that they clicked the link to?

In Their Inbox

At that precise moment they are also thinking about training their puppy.

Combining those two things, they are in their inbox and thinking about training their puppy do you think that your offer has less chance of being taken up or MORE

( I hope you said more!)

You are presenting them with an offer at the perfect time.


Here is the link to the Automation: (ActiveCampaign)

Simply import it into your ActiveCampaign Account and you are good to go.