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A few years ago my course sales had dropped to a depressing all time low.  I was close to giving up.

I knew my content was good but I was struggling to get people to buy.

Then while laid on a beach the day after my daugheters wedding, I had an idea.

I qucikly did some research into my small list of subscribers (I've never had more than 1500 people on my list) and came up with a plan.

I created an offer, a special type of email and send it out to 80 subscribers...

The result is the image above. (The refund was someone who bought twice by mistake)

Simple Works!

Mark Thompson

"Course Conversion Specialist"

If You Have a Course and a Small List You Can Start Making Sales Today

It sounds too good to be true, but everything in the FREE report will help you to make more sales starting today and continuting for weeks , months and years.

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You've Seen Nothing Like This!

I assume that you've been around the Marketing World for a while and you've seen and heard the endless streams of B.S. that gets spouted in the name of marketing and making sales.

"You Are One Funnel Away"  "You Must Use The Product Launch Formula" etc.

Like many people you may have tried several ways of selling your courses, I know I had.  Some had minor success and other failed miserably.  What has worked for me for the past 3 years is what I am going to show you in the free report "Sell More Courses"

It's simple, has no "Ninja Techniques" it's simply about being yourself and talking to the right audience.

I've never had or needed more than 1500 people on my list and to be honest a few hundred and 5 or 10 subscribers a day is all I need to continue to grow my business.

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